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APL is one of Europe's largest manufacturers of extemporaneous medicines and a leading contract manufacturer within Life Science. 

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APL develops and manufactures extemporaneous preparations and stock manufacturing for actors in the pharmacy market and healthcare services, for better medicine use and increased patient safety. We also offer high quality development, laboratory and manufacturing services to companies in the pharmaceutical sector.


APL wants to contribute to better health, a good environment, sound economics and a sustainable society. Our employees and other stakeholders are our most important resources. We work with a long-term view to ensure our manufactured products are of good quality, as this is a prerequisite for safe and effective medicines.

When a life is at stake every minute counts

View an intensive and carefully controlled process in sterile manufacturing at APL.

Our experience contributes to important international research

Through our social mandate, APL has built up a very strong ability to adapt medicines to individual needs, and this in turn has made us attractive to the research sector.

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We need more skilled, solution-oriented and responsible employees, and we can offer you good development opportunities in an exciting industry.

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About APL

APL is one of the leading manufacturers of extemporaneous medicines in Europe. We are also one of the leading contract manufacturer within Life Science in Scandinavia and an established partner for services and products to pharmacies. APL has more than 30 years of experience and an annual turnover of about 150 M EUR. With our 591 employees and four production plants in Sweden, we have resources for developing, analysing and producing medicines. APL contributes to medicines that improve and save lives.


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