APL is led by key persons with long experience from the pharmacy, chemistry and medicines sectors, and with solid expertise within finance, HR and market communications.

Ulf Skough

Jan Erneberg


Born 1952. Master of Science in engineering. Jan has a long experience within Life Science. He was responsible for Global Operations at GE Healthcare and Head of Division at Pharmacia Biotech AB. Jan has also worked as a management consultant within health care and Life Science. CEO from April 2019.

+46-10-496 83 63

Ulf Skough

Ulf Skough

Marketing Director

Born 1959. Master of Business Administration. Ulf has broad experience from leading positions within pharmaceutical companies and CRO companies. He previously worked in leading positions nationally and internationally at major pharmaceutical companies, among them as country manager for the Baltic countries at Schering-Plough, and as business area manager and international marketing director at Pharmacia. Employed and part of the management team since 2013.

+46-10-447 96 23

Joakim Bredbo

Ulrika Königsson

CFO, Manager Finance

Born 1971. Master of Business Administration. Ulrika has broad experience from leading positions as CFO, business analyst and business controlling within AstraZeneca. Ulrika joined APL from a position as CFO for the technical consultancy company Knightec. She has also worked as auditor and management consultant at KPMG. Employed and part of the management team since August 2017.

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Lars Granlund

Jamal Feghhi

Manager Extemporaneous Medicines

Born 1962. Pharmacist. Solid merits from employment within Apoteket AB, for example as head of the hospital pharmacy at Karolinska University Hospital in Solna and as manager of the hospital pharmacy at Danderyd Hospital. Jamal has also been responsible for pharmaceutical support and clinical trials. Head of APL’s Customer Service 2013–2017. In the management team since 2017.

+46-10-447 97 11

Kia Frenssen

Kia Frenssen

Manager Supply, Production & Development

Born 1965. Pharmacist. Kia has held a number of leading positions within pharmaceuticals manufacture and quality assurance, as line manager and in senior global positions within Astra/AstraZeneca. Extemporaneous Medicines Manager 2011–2017 and Manager Supply, Production & Development since 2017. Employed and part of the management team since 2011.

+46-10-447 97 20

Peter Hedlund

Peter Hedlund

Manager Safety, Health and Environment, Manager Property & Construction

Born 1961. Chartered chemical engineer, with a licentiate degree in chemical engineering. Peter has many years of experience in leading positions within the pharmaceutical industry. He has held a number of roles within AstraZeneca, such as quality manager QA/QC, factory manager, head of operational development and head of safety, health and environment. Employed and part of the management team since 2013.

+46-10-447 96 30

Christer Jonsson

Christer Jonsson

HR Manager

Born 1966. Master of Human Resources Management & Development. Christer has a long and broad experience from leading positions within human resources from KPMG, Astra/AstraZeneca and Norrland University Hospital. Employed and part of the management team since 2012.

+46-10-447 96 17

Christer Jonsson

Inger Bergman

Manager QA & Quality

Born 1963. PhD Microbiology, Bachelor in Chemistry. Inger has had several manager positions within Quality at APL. Employed since 2001 and part of the management team since August 2019.

+46-10-447 93 40

Christer Jonsson

Patrik Glimvert

Manager Purchase & Logistics

Born 1985. Master of Science in engineering. Patrik has experience from leading positions within Purchase and Logistics at APL. Patrik also has experience from supply chain and he previously worked at the technical consultant company ÅF with assignments within several big manufacturing companies. Employed since 2014 and part of the management team since August 2019.

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Christer Jonsson

Tobias Larsson

Chef IT

I ledningen sedan 2019.

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APL is one of the leading manufacturers of extempore pharmaceutical drugs in Europe. We are one of the leading contract manufacturer in Life Science in Scandinavia and an established partner to pharmacies for services and products. With our 489 employees and four production plants, we have resources for developing, analysing and producing drugs. APL contributes to medical products that improve or save lives.

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