APL and covid-19


APL follows the development of the covid-19 carefully. Our highest priority is to keep the manufacturing and delivery of our critical pharmaceuticals up and running, without any disturbances. The management has decided to escalate the contingency plan and has taken several measures so that we can carry out our important mission.

The contingency plans have been escalated accordingly and the company's crisis group has been activated. We have updated our routines regarding reserves in the event of major production disruptions and we have created a priority list regarding the manufacture of extemporaneous medicines and important contracted medical products.

Daily reconciliations

The company management team has carried out a competence inventory to identify what resources are available within the company, something that can strengthen production and production if necessary.

- We have an important role in society, which in these times has only become larger. We see that our products are used for the treatment of patients who are infected with covid-19 and that the demand for these products has increased accordingly. We take immediate measures to secure the production of these products, says CEO Jan Erneberg.

The ability to quickly modify production and manufacturing

We follow the demand for our products very closely, so that we can as quickly as possible identify possible deviations from previous patterns and quickly adapt our production accordingly. Our production manager and our assortment group have a special focus on this.

We will of course, make our expertise and resources available to defeat covid-19.

Together with the above mentioned measures, these measures are also worth noting:

  • Those who continue to work in one of our units in Gothenburg, Malmö, Umeå or Stockholm have received clear advice and rules of conduct for hygiene and social distance. Rules of conduct regarding social distance are intended to keep at least one arm's length apart and to avoid gatherings.
  • We have introduced a restraining order in all our units. This means that unapproved individuals are not admitted, unless there is a business-critical reason. Meetings are conducted digitally.

- Finally, I would like to thank all our employees who work over time and in inconvenient circumstances. They do everything they can to secure and protect our production and manufacturing, says CEO Jan Erneberg.

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