About APL

We are one of Europe’s largest manufacturers of extemporaneous medicines and a leading contract manufacturer within Life Science

Our operation

Our task is to develop and manufacture individually adapted medicines for patients with special needs, such as children who need specific strengths or flavours, and persons suffering from various over-sensitivities. The operation is carried out in dialogue and close collaboration with specialists, county councils and public agencies, to ensure that patients get access to the correct treatment.

APL also carries out development and contract manufacture of medicines on behalf of biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies. We also have resources to develop, manufacture and analyse products such as specialist medicines and other niche products.

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Tillverkning Malmö

Our history

The Swedish pharmacy sector was nationalised in the early 1970s, and Apoteksbolaget AB was formed. This company included Apotek Produktion & Laboratorium AB (APL), which was tasked to provide prescribers and therefore patients with extemporaneous medicines, or specially manufactured preparations for individually adapted treatment. In conjunction with the deregulation of the pharmacy market in 2009, it was no longer permissible for pharmacies to produce medicines simultaneously, and therefore APL was disconnected from Apoteket AB in June 2010.

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This is us

Attractive employer

APL shall be an attractive employer and workplace where all employees feel valued and are treated with respect.

Committed employees

Our employees are business-like, responsive, solution-oriented and responsible.

The secure choice

Together we contribute to medicines that improve and save lives. We also want to contribute to better health, a good environment, sound economics and a sustainable society.

When a life is at stake, every minute counts

View an intensive and carefully controlled process in sterile manufacturing at APL.

Work for us

We need more skilled, solution-oriented and responsible employees and we can offer opportunities for development in an exciting industry. ​​

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medarbetare, analys, piller

Sustainable development

We constantly analyse our activities, products and services in order to identify improvement measures within quality, environment and in the social sphere.

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APL in figures

1 448 mkr

Net turnover

2 000

Extemporaneous medicines


Number of employees

Our units

Our production units are located in Stockholm, Göteborg, Malmö and Umeå.


We are certified in relation to medical devices, environment and work environment.


Visiting adress:

Prismavägen 2, Kungens Kurva

+46 10 447 96 00

Other contact information

About APL

Apotek Produktion & Laboratorier (APL) is one of Europe’s leading companies manufacturing extemporaneous drugs and stock preparations. We have a social mission from the Swedish government, but also work together with other pharmaceutical companies to create the greatest possible patient benefit. Our vision is that we will make a difference for patients with special needs. We are also an established contract manufacturer within Life Science in Scandinavia, where we deliver services within development and analysis. With more than 500 employees and five manufacturing units in Malmö, Gothenburg, Stockholm and Umeå, we develop drugs that improve and save lives.

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