Board of directors

Eva Sjökvist Saers

Johan Assarsson

MD Inera

Born 1962. Bachelor of Arts. Johan was previously the chief executive of Kalmar County Council and regional director of the Västra Götaland Region. He has held several leading positions within operational development and as a health and medical care strategist in Region Skåne. A member of APL’s board of directors since 2010.

Ulf Skough

Agneta Edberg

CEO A Edberg Consulting AB

Born 1956. Education in Microbiology and Biomedical analysis with great experience from the Life Science industry and board work within Life Science. Agneta is active within many boards, as chair in  CathPrint AB, Idogen AB, Likvor AB, A+ Science and AISAB and as member in CellProtect Nordic Pharmaceuticals AB, Svenska läkemedelsförsäkringen and TSS AB. She works with many strategic initiatives on behalf of Vinnova, among other things for the development of ATMP's, advanced biological pharmaceuticals in Sweden, as member of the board in CAMP-konsortiet. A member of APL's board since 24 april 2019.

Kia Frenssen

Britt Hanson

MD and CEO of OK Ekonomisk Förening

Born 1966. MBA with long experience from leading positions within the OKQ8 group, as CFO for OKQ8 and MD of PKQ8 Bank. She was also the Nordic CFO for McDonald's. Board member of SEKAB BioFuels & Chemicals AB and of Folksam Liv, OK-Q8 AB and KF. A member of APL’s board of directors since 2012.

Lars Granlund

Eugen Steiner

Partner HealthCap

Born 1954. Eugen is a registered physician and holds a Doctor of Medical Science degree. Eugen has worked in company leadership positions since 1987. Before that, he worked as a physician and researcher. Eugen is part of the management team and a board member of a number of companies within the Life Science sector, such as Bioarctic, Glionova, NVC Holding. A member of APL’s board of directors since 2010.

Joakim Bredbo

Ulf Tossman

Chair in Cellate Medical AB

Born 1956. Ulf holds Bachelor of Science and Doctor of Medical Science degrees from Karolinska Institutet, and has long experience from various executive positions within both Swedish and German pharmaceutical industries. He was also a partner of InnovationsKapital, specialising in the healthcare sector, serving as chair of Isconova among other positions. Before that Ulf was senior investment manager at Swedfund, with a number of board appointments within areas such as Life Science, for example at Global Medical Investments and Gamma Knife Center, Cairo. Co-funder and former chair of Coala Life AB. A member of APL’s board of directors since 2015.

Employee representatives
- Ordinary

Peter Hedlund

Susann Danielsson-Lindberg

Medicines Technician, Production Umeå
Born 1961
Represents the trade union Unionen

Peter Hedlund

Erik Strandmark

Farmaceutical specialist, Extempore Göteborg
Born 1986
Represents the trade union SACO

Employee representatives
- Deputies

Christer Jonsson

Astrid Holdt

Laboratory Engineer, Production Stockholm
Born 1954
Represents the trade union Unionen

Peter Hedlund

Jon Burup

QA/QP, QA Malmö
Born 1983
Represents the trade union SACO


Visiting adress:

Prismavägen 2, Kungens Kurva

+46 10 447 96 00

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About APL

APL is one of the leading manufacturers of extempore pharmaceutical drugs in Europe. We are one of the leading contract manufacturer in Life Science in Scandinavia and an established partner to pharmacies for services and products. With our 489 employees and four production plants, we have resources for developing, analysing and producing drugs. APL contributes to medical products that improve or save lives.

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