Manufacture of solid preparations in various materials and sizes

Capsules are a simple and cost-effective preparation form, which is very suitable for substances that are stable in solid form.

We can offer capsules (gelatine, HPMC, PVP) that contain either granulate or powder. Because of the defined structure of the capsule, the need for additives is relatively limited, and therefore both the development time and costs can be kept low.

Capsules have a broad area of use, and can be filled with doses that are very low (down to approximately 0.05 mg) or high (up to 600 mg). The minimum or maximum dose in a capsule is highly dependent on the characteristics of the substance and the capsule size selected.

Following manufacture, we provide packaging in blister packs or jars, and labelling. For clinical trials, we also offer randomisation and code envelopes in conjunction with labelling.

Tillverkning av kapslar


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