Social responsibility

Our employees and other stakeholders are our most important resources

A safe and secure workplace with healthy and creative employees increases delivery security, profitability and our chances of fulfilling the quality requirements. We are therefore working systematically on work environment issues in order to increase awareness throughout the company.

APL’s code of conduct

Our goal is to ensure our suppliers operate according to the requirements and guidelines in our code of conduct. Follow-up is done via self-evaluation documents, and in some cases through inspections at our suppliers’.

The Supplier Code of Conduct is designed to minimise risks in the social area, and is based on ten principles according to UN’s fundamental declarations (on human rights, the rights of employees, environment and corruption).

Our ambition is to show responsibility through sustainable business development.

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Extemporeläkemedel och lagerberedningar

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Reservrutinen används endast för akuta medicinskt viktiga beställningar av extemporeläkemedel under tiden EbEx ordersystem inte kan nås. För att kunna använda dig av rutinen så krävs det att du redan är befintlig kund hos APL och har ett kundnummer.

Beställningar görs på för ändamålet avsedd blankett och får inte innehålla några patientuppgifter.

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+46 10 447 96 00

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About APL

Apotek Produktion & Laboratorier (APL) is one of Europe’s leading companies manufacturing extemporaneous drugs and stock preparations. We have a public policy assignment from the Swedish government, but also work together with other pharmaceutical companies to create the greatest possible patient benefit. The assignment also comprises preparedness to maintain operations in times of crisis and ultimately war.

Our vision is that we will make a difference for patients with special needs. We are also an established contract manufacturer within Life Science in Scandinavia, where we deliver services within development and analysis. With more than 500 employees and five manufacturing units in Malmö, Gothenburg, Stockholm and Umeå, we develop drugs that improve and save lives.

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