Our policies and guidelines must serve as support and guidance in everyday life to achieve our vision and our goals.

Our policies cover the areas of quality, ethics, personnel, communication, credit, security, health and the environment, IT security and data protection.

Quality policy

We always have the patient in focus when we carry out our mission in a cost-effective manner. Our quality management system, current regulations, guidelines and other requirements from authorities and stakeholders govern how we purchase materials and services, manufacture and supply medicines.

We do that by

  • act according to our quality management system.
  • train, develop and motivate our employees.
  • build quality into our processes and working methods.
  • work based on risk and make decisions based on scientific evidence.
  • constantly develop our quality management system, our processes and tools.
  • have regular internal inspections within the area.

Ethics policy

Everything we do is characterized by good ethics. We act professionally, responsibly and have a respectful attitude towards each other, our owner, customers, suppliers, the outside world and the company. We work for social responsibility and have zero tolerance towards crime and corruption.

We do that by

  • follow the UN declaration on human rights and act for the equal value of all people.
  • never unauthorizedly disclose confidential information and comply with our customers' requirements for confidentiality.
  • comply with our Code of Conduct and ensure that our suppliers live up to our Supplier Code of Conduct.
  • our financial reporting is complete, transparent and complies with current legislation and practice in the field.
  • comply with tax legislation and practice in the areas where we operate
    have professional and transparent relations with authorities.

Personnel policy

Our long-term perspective and clear goals, to be an attractive employer, provide the conditions for the leaders to develop and engage their employees, create participation and well-being, which is important to ensure patient-safe and efficient delivery to our patients and customers. We carry out our work as efficiently and competitively as possible with a focus on quality.

We do this by

  • lead through our leadership criteria.
  • act according to our values.
  • make use of and further develop our employees' skills and experience.
  • break down the company's goals all the way to our employees' assignments.
  • have regular follow-up on goals and achievements.
  • actively work for equal rights and opportunities regarding career and salary development.
  • work proactively and preventively with information and education to counteract and prevent alcohol and drug-related problems.
  • have zero tolerance towards abusive discrimination, bullying and harassment.

Communication policy

Our communication is consistent, supports our mission, contributes to our strategic goals and builds our relationships with stakeholders. We are perceived as transparent and relevant to our target groups where the communication motivates and engages. Long-term relationships, knowledge of us and our business are important keys in our communication.

We do that by

  • our information about the social mission is clear and easily accessible.
  • have uniform communication and tonality and use the same concepts internally and externally.
  • have consistent communication in all channels towards our target groups.
  • influence our target groups with communication messages at the right time and in the right channel to support our change journey.
  • always remember who we represent and what role we have in social media.
  • Have an appointed person, the CEO and in the CEO's absence the CFO, manage external contacts with the media.

Credit policy

We strive to do safe business with as little credit risk as possible and minimize capital tied up in accounts receivable to reduce our financing costs and our credit risk exposure.

We do that by

  • have an effective credit reporting procedure.
  • determine credit rating principles.
  • credit granting decisions are based on well-founded facts.
  • ensure that each customer receives knowledge of interest on late payment, reminder and collection fees before delivery.

Safety, health and environmental policy

We prioritize the health and safety of our employees, and together we create a safe and secure workplace. In order to contribute to a sustainable and healthy environment for future generations, we focus and act for a sustainable use of resources, energy consumption and prevention of emissions.

We do that by

  • train and work systematically to minimize risks that can negatively affect or damage people and the environment.
  • have an open dialogue to create commitment and a sense of responsibility.
  • have clear areas of responsibility within work environment, environment, fire and electricity.
  • improve efficiency to contribute to a better environment through reduced consumption of energy and water, reduced generation of waste and increased use of renewable and sustainable input materials.
  • choose energy, travel and transport methods with the least possible climate impact.
  • follow and comply with relevant laws and other requirements in the field.

We must be well equipped to deal with sudden difficult events (crises).

IT security policy

In order to carry out our mission, we need to ensure that the information is available, correct, traceable and has the right level of confidentiality. The increased digitization, the use of cloud services and complex cyber attacks mean that we need high and reliable IT security. Everyone has a responsibility to minimize the risk of information being handled incorrectly or falling into the wrong hands, which could endanger our business.

We do that by

  • train employees and emphasize the importance of personal responsibility.
  • report observations, risks and events that may affect IT security.
  • manage risks in a structured way based on information classification.
  • only use systems, apps and web services for business purposes.
  • consider information security and internal requirements when purchasing equipment or systems.
  • follow relevant authority requirements and guidelines in the area.

Privacy Policy

We protect the privacy of our employees, patients and customers. In our handling of personal data, we comply with the Data Protection Regulation (General Data Protection Regulation, GDPR) and the Swedish Privacy Protection Agency as well as other governing regulations.

We do that by

  • appoint a data protection officer (Data Protection Officer, DPO).
  • process personal data in a legal and correct manner.
  • maintain a register of all personal data processing within the company.
  • sign personal data processing agreements with our suppliers and customers.
  • have regular internal inspections within the area.

For questions about APL's Privacy Policy, please contact us via e-mail: info@apl.se


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Apotek Produktion & Laboratorier (APL) is one of Europe’s leading companies manufacturing extemporaneous drugs and stock preparations. We have a public policy assignment from the Swedish government, but also work together with other pharmaceutical companies to create the greatest possible patient benefit. The assignment also comprises preparedness to maintain operations in times of crisis and ultimately war.

Our vision is that we will make a difference for patients with special needs. We are also an established contract manufacturer within Life Science in Scandinavia, where we deliver services within development and analysis. With more than 500 employees and five manufacturing units in Malmö, Gothenburg, Stockholm and Umeå, we develop drugs that improve and save lives.

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