Our policies create a uniform approach to the values that that guide our company towards its vision and goals.

APL’s group-wide policy documents cover the areas of quality, environment, ethics, personnel, gender equality, safety, finance, product range, brand and communications.

Quality policy

APL shall conduct its activities according to applicable industry standards and shall comply with public authority requirements and the regulations governing the manufacture and control of medicines, medical devices and other products. APL’s products and services exist to provide benefits to patients and to our other customers and stakeholders, for better health and better lives. Our work shall provide a high level of service and good quality of products and services we develop, manufacture, control and delivery, so that they live up to our customers’ expectations and requirements.

We do this by:

  • säkerställa att tillämpliga lagar, guidelines, standarder, avtal och övriga krav på våra produkter och tjänster efterlevs. Dessa inkluderar krav enligt GMP och GDP uppsatta av Sverige, EU, ICH, WHO och ISO för läkemedel, extemporeläkemedel, medicintekniska produkter, och kosmetiska produkter.
  • ha rätt kompetens och motivation, och genom att ta eget ansvar och sträva efter att alltid göra vårt bästa.
  • arbeta med ständiga förbättringar av våra processer, verktyg, system och kompetenser för att kontinuerligt utvecklas.

Sustainability policy

We want to contribute to a sustainable society, better health and a good environment.

We do this by:

  • working for better use and production of medicines;
  • reducing the environmental impact from our units, transport, services and products;
  • preventing negative environmental impact by taking into account environmental considerations in decisions;
  • increasing the use of renewable and sustainable input materials;
  • continuously improving and communicating our environmental work; and
  • complying with laws, agreements and other requirements.

Ethics policy

Good ethics shall characterise APL’s activities – towards employees, customers, public authorities, suppliers and other stakeholders. APL shall work for sustainable development and societal responsibility. All employees shall act responsibly and show respect towards each other, customers, suppliers, the world around us and the company.

We do this by:

  • acting according to the rules for good market ethics;
  • complying with the company’s and our customers’ confidentiality requirements;
  • as employees, not carrying on any competing activities or otherwise damaging the operations of the company or our customers;
  • actively counteracting corruption, blackmail and bribery;
  • ensuring that the company’s code of conduct is complied within the supply chain (zero tolerance of forced labour and illegal child labour, counteracting corruption including blackmail and bribery);
  • all employees shall act responsibly in relation to customers, suppliers, the world around us and the company; and
  • complying with laws, agreements and other requirements.

Equality policy

APL shall be an equal workplace, free from discrimination and harassment. We will actively promote equal rights and opportunities in our workplace based on gender, gender identity or expression, ethnicity, religion or other beliefs, disability, sexual orientation and age.

We do this by:

  • take advantage of and develop our employees' skills and experience.
  • actively counteract discrimination and harassment.
  • promote equal rights and opportunities at APL.
  • comply with laws, agreements and other requirements.

Data protection policy

We handle personal data within APL's operations. We comply with the General Data Protection Regulation and other governing regulations and we care about our customers, patients and employees' privacy.

We do this by:

  • handling personal data in our business in a legal and correct manner
  • maintaining a record of all personal data processing within the APL
  • designating a data controller that you can turn to with questions
  • signing data protection agreement with our suppliers and customers
  • complying with laws, agreements and other requirements

Ulf Skough is appointed Data protection officer at APL. Contact him via e-mail ulf.skough@apl.se or telephone: 010-447 96 23.

If you have questions regarding the Data protection policy, please contact us via e-mail: info@apl.se.


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