Our units

Our operation is conducted in Sweden. Our head office is located at Kungens Kurva in Stockholm, and we have production units in Stockholm, Umeå, Götebord and Malmö. With 580 employees and four production units, we have the resources to develop, analyse and manufacture medicines.

APL i Göteborg

We have a plant at Hisings Backa, which specialises in non-sterile production, purchasing/logistics and extempore medicines. We have preparation units at Östra Hospital and Sahlgrenska Hospital, and also in Uddevalla, Varberg, Borås and Skövde.

APL i Malmö

Our production unit in Malmö specialises in non-sterile production of semi-solid preparations.

APL i Stockholm

The unit in Stockholm is located at Kungens Kurva, and specialises in solid preparations, extemporaneous preparations, clinical trials and formulation/analytical development. It is our head office, and also houses APL’s Customer Service.

APL i Umeå

In Umeå, the production unit specialises in sterile/aseptic production and clinical trials.


Visiting adress:

Prismavägen 2, Kungens Kurva


+46 10 447 96 00



Other contact information

About APL

APL is one of the leading manufacturers of extemporaneous medicines in Europe. We are also one of the leading contract manufacturer within Life Science in Scandinavia and an established partner for services and products to pharmacies. APL has more than 30 years of experience and an annual turnover of about 150 M EUR. With our 591 employees and four production plants in Sweden, we have resources for developing, analysing and producing medicines. APL contributes to medicines that improve and save lives.


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