Pre-filled syringes, PFS

Pre-filled syringes (PFS) are some of the most recent aids for administering injectable medicines. Both biotech and pharmaceutical companies deliver products such as protein medicines and vaccines in PFS.

There are many advantages of using PFS:

  • PFS are safe. The personnel administering medicines or vaccines are less exposed to the risk of receiving piercing wounds or toxic substances on the skin. Medical personnel and patients avoid the risk of contamination that is always present when pulling up medicines from vials. They also provide greater exactitude in dosage.
  • PFS do not need to be overfilled, which is positive from the viewpoints of cost effectiveness and environmental concern. In comparison, vials are often overfilled by around 25%. Not overfilling is particularly advantageous when the medicine or vaccine includes expensive active components.
  • PFS are easy to use. The medical personnel save time, as they do not need to measure out exact amounts of medicine themselves. In many cases, patients can start to use the medicines at home, and do the dosage themselves.

We can fill medicines or medical products into PFS, and we have several syringe and needle solutions. Manufacture is aseptic.

As with other preparation forms, we can fill both trial medicines and commercial products in PFS.

The manufacture of pre-filled syringes is done at our dedicated unit for sterile and aseptic production.


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