When a life is at stake, every minute counts

A two-year-old girl is in a children’s hospital being treated for cancer. When such small children need cytostatics, each dose must be individually adjusted according to body weight and general state of health. It is often a case of emergency, and APL can deliver these tailored preparations within four hours maximum, and sometimes as little as two hours. Follow us during an intensive and carefully controlled process in our sterile manufacturing unit.

The girl’s doctor places an order for individually adjusted cytostatics. Ivana at the preparation unit receives the order and asks the doctor whether the preparation can be sent by one of the fixed couriers. The doctor asks for an emergency courier, as it is needed in a hurry.

Ivana prepares her colleagues in the sterile manufacturing unit that an emergency order is on its way.

Ivana first checks that everything needed for manufacturing is included in the order, such as dosage, concentration (determined by the girl’s body surface area), signature and also that the prescription seems reasonable as a whole. Labels are produced, and at the same time Ivana checks the personal data, date and shelf life, etc. She then registers the order in the system, prints out and signs the batch protocol to show that the order it ready for preparation and final checks.


Ivana places the batch protocol in the through-reach cabinet and walks towards the preparation room. She puts on a hat and passes through the first air lock, where she puts on gloves and changes into another coat. She reaches the preparation room via the next air lock, and here she places the protocol into the next through-reach cabinet into the sterile room, where the order will now be prepared.

In the sterile room, Agneta receives the order from Ivana. She gathers together the products on the list and checks names, article numbers, batch numbers, strength and square meters (height and weight measurements).

Agneta cleans the products with alcohol before placing them in the safety bench. She adds the syringes she needs and follows the point list in the batch protocol. In the strong light, she checks that no particles have entered the bag. Finally, she affixes the label.

Agneta places everything in a ziplock bag marked “cytostatics”, completes the batch protocol and places everything on a special bench for final checking.

Anna-Carin is already sitting at the bench and checking other products and batch protocols. When she reaches the bag with the girl’s cytostatics, she re-checks all the data for the order: name, weight, shelf life, aggregate, etc. She then places the bag in a transport box to be taken to the girl’s ward at Astrid Lindgren’s Children’s Hospital. She double-checks and signs everything. She then opens the airlock door and places the product in a green transport box and phones the corridor to let them know that there is an emergency order for delivery, and then Anna comes to collect it.

Anna checks off and registers the order in the system, places the bag in a box and calls the courier firm to order an emergency transport to the ward at the hospital. She then waits for the courier.

The courier arrives to collect the preparation and drives it to the hospital.

Just over two hours after the order was placed, the preparation is received on the ward where the girl is being cared for, and she can receive her cytostatics treatment.


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